11 Head-To-Toe Benefits Supported By The Nutrients In ‘The Whole Body Meal’

Forget what you’ve heard—convenience and healthy nutrition are not mutually exclusive. Thanks to a deliciously crafted combination of superfoods, Ka’Chava provides you with all the functional fuel you need to thrive both physically and mentally in a single, ready-to-go meal.

7 nutrients that help produce immune cells, ward off infections, and more
Fuel your body on a cellular level with these 6 powerhouse nutrients
10 nutrients that help boost mood, improve focus, and calm anxiety
5 Nutrients That Calm The Mind & Relax The Body For A Restful Night’s Sleep
6 Nutrients That Help Stop The Toxic Stress Cycle
6 nutrients that feed your microbiome, banish bloat, and keep you “regular”
7 nutrients that fuel your workouts, support muscle growth, and speed recovery
6 nutrients that crush cravings and support a healthy metabolism
6 Nutrients That Support A Healthy Heart & Cardiovascular System
Joints & bones
5 Nutrients That Build Strong Bones & Support Healthy Joints
7 key nutrients that prove your looks are only as good as your diet

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