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5 Nutrients That Support A Healthy Heart & Cardiovascular System

Discover how Ka’Chava’s unique blend of nutrients and superfoods helps keep your ticker in top shape and support healthy blood vessels.

There’s no magic bullet for achieving optimal heart and cardiovascular health—instead, it requires an overall healthy lifestyle involving regular physical activity, stress management, adequate sleep, and—most importantly—a nutritious diet rich in plant foods. The five nutrients below have been shown to play a vital role in normal heart and blood vessel function, and some may help support the maintenance of healthy cholesterol levels.

See the top 5 nutrients that support a healthy heart in Ka’Chava

  • Fiber:

    Helps Maintain Healthy Cholesterol Levels

    In addition to supporting optimal gut health, fiber is an essential for keeping your heart and blood vessels flowing freely. Both soluble fiber and insoluble fiber have been linked to heart health benefits1, and research suggests that those who consume more fiber in their diets are at an advantage for better heart health. How does fiber work its magic? In your digestive tract, fiber acts like a sponge, binding excess cholesterol in the small intestine and clearing it from your body so it doesn’t get deposited in your blood vessels.  Ka’Chava contains 4-7 grams of fiber per serving, or 14-25% of your recommended daily intake, from sources like broccoli, whole grain oats, chia seeds, flax, and inulin.

  • Omega-3 fatty acids:

    Supports Heart Health

    Omega-3 fats are widely known as the “heart-healthy fats.” Why? Research suggests omega-3s can support your heart, blood vessels, and triglyceride levels. Unlike some other forms of fat, omega-3s aren’t quite as widespread in the Standard American Diet, and since your body can’t make them on its own, you may have to search a bit to get your fill of these essential fatty acids. While fatty fish like salmon are a top source, you can also get omega-3s from plant foods such as chia and flax seeds, both of which you’ll find in Ka’Chava.

  • Magnesium + Calcium:

    Maintains a Healthy Heart Rhythm

    Why are we talking about magnesium and calcium together? Because these minerals—both of which are electrolytes—have complementary roles for heart health. Calcium stimulates your heart to contract, while magnesium strategically counters the effect of calcium and helps your heart muscles relax. Together, they ensure your heart is contracting and relaxing properly. In every serving, Ka’Chava contains a healthy balance of these two minerals: 44-46% of your daily value of calcium and 48-69% of your daily value of magnesium.

  • Potassium:

    Contributes to the Maintenance of Healthy Blood Pressure + Heart Rhythm

    Getting enough potassium helps your body maintain healthy blood pressure, partly by counteracting the blood pressure-elevating effects of too much sodium. Like other electrolyte minerals, potassium is also needed to help keep your heart beating at the right pace. Unfortunately, potassium has been identified as a nutrient of concern in the US – in other words, this is a mineral that many Americans need to get more of. You can find potassium readily available in plant foods like bananas, sweet potatoes, spinach, and lentils, and Ka’Chava contains 6-12% of your daily value for potassium from naturally occurring sources.

  • Folate:

    May Help Maintain A Healthy Heart

    Folate is a B vitamin that—along with other B vitamins—helps break down homocysteine, an amino acid that, when left unchecked, can cause damage to the inner walls of your arteries. Folate is found in many foods, such as green leafy vegetables, beans, and citrus fruits. Folic acid refers to the supplemental form of folate. Each serving of Ka’Chava contains 83% of folate or folic acid.


Here’s a few of the ingredients in Ka’Chava with nutrients that support heart health

  • Soluble vegetable fiber
  • Chia seeds
  • Oats

More Health Benefits

  • Immune System

    A subpar diet may keep your immune system from functioning optimally.
  • Energy

    Key nutrients play a critical role in the conversion of food to energy.
  • digestion

    Honing in on the right foods and nutrients can go a long way in supporting healthy digestion

    Getting the right amount of certain nutrients supports a healthy metabolism and leaves you feeling satisfied instead of hangry.

    Muscle isn’t built with protein alone. Other nutrients are needed to fuel workouts and support muscle function.
  • joints & bones

    Strong bones and healthy joints require a key combination of these nutrients
  • appearance

    Getting your daily dose of these key nutrients supports hair, skin, and nail health and can help boost your glow factor from within.
  • Mind

    Support your brain and nervous system with these key nutrients.

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Tastes Wonderful
Not gritty. Not chalky. Mixes like a dream and tastes wonderful.
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Our Promise

We want you to be healthy, happy & satisfied.

Get a full refund for 1 bag of each flavor if you don’t absolutely love it. Yes, that includes shipping and sales tax! (not return shipping). Pretty fair right?

Rest assured, you can try it for 30 days risk-free. Learn more(opens in a new window).

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