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Joints & bones

5 Nutrients that Build Strong Bones & Support Healthy Joints

Strong bones and healthy joints require a key combination of nutrients, some of which can be hard to obtain on a purely plant-based diet. Here’s how Ka’Chava helps you get your fill.

It’s never too early to start thinking about bone and joint health. Building strong bones is crucial for staying active as you age, and caring for your joints can help preserve that precious cartilage that keeps your bones cushioned. Prioritizing the right food and nutrients, like the ones you’ll find in Ka’Chava—along with engaging in physical activity that boosts bone density—can make all the difference.

See The Top 5 Nutrients In Ka’Chava That Support Healthy Bones & Joints

  • Calcium:

    Builds Strong Bones

    It’s no secret that adequate calcium is a cornerstone of bone health. To understand why, just look at how bone tissue is made. First, your body lays down a framework of collagen, which is a flexible structural protein. Then, little calcium crystals from your bloodstream are deposited and spread throughout this collagen framework, filling in all the nooks and crannies. Together, collagen and calcium create strong bones that are also flexible. While this may be something that comes naturally when you’re young, in your older years, you’ll certainly learn to appreciate this strength and flexibility. Furthermore, studies show that adequate calcium and vitamin D, as part of a healthful diet, along with physical activity, may reduce the risk of osteoporosis later in life. Ka’Chava provides 44-46% of your daily value of calcium from a combination of sources, including chia seeds and flax seeds.

  • Magnesium:

    Builds Strong Bones

    Magnesium is another mineral that contributes to maintaining normal bones, including the secretion of various hormones involved in bone formation. Unfortunately, studies show that approximately 50% of Americans consume less than the Estimated Average Requirement (EAR) for magnesium, which means you should take extra care to get this nutrient in your diet[*]. Ka’Chava contains magnesium-rich foods such as chia and flax seeds, providing 48 to 60% of your daily value for this essential mineral in every serving. Citation: https://ods.od.nih.gov/factsheets/Magnesium-HealthProfessioal/

  • Vitamin D:

    Helps The Body Absorb And Use Calcium

    Your digestive system is surprisingly bad at absorbing calcium. In fact, most people absorb less than half of the calcium they eat in their diet. That’s where vitamin D comes into play. Vitamin D is the nutrient (which really functions like a hormone) that helps your gut absorb and utilize more calcium. Vitamin D can be hard to obtain if you consume a solely plant-based diet, but Ka’Chava contains 25% of your daily value in every serving. In addition to food, you can also boost vitamin D levels by spending 10-15 minutes outdoors in the sun daily.

  • Vitamin C:

    Supports Collagen Production

    Vitamin C is a crucial nutrient for bones and joints. The reason: It plays a vital role in producing collagen—your body’s most abundant structural protein. As mentioned above, collagen provides the framework on which calcium crystals are deposited to create sturdy but flexible bones. Additionally, collagen is a component of cartilage, the firm, flexible connective tissue on the surface of joints that keeps them gliding smoothly—so you can walk, run, and climb with ease. Vitamin C is often abundant in colorful fruits and veggies, and Ka’Chava provides 33% of your daily value per serving.

  • Phosphorus:

    Builds Strong Bones

    Phosphorus is a mineral that works in conjunction with other vitamins and minerals to keep your bones healthy and strong. Together, phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium play a structural role in forming the hydroxyapatite crystals that comprise bone mineral content. Phosphorus is readily available in a variety of foods such as fish, nuts, and beans, but in order to utilize it properly, your intake of other nutrients needs to be up to par as well. For example, your body absorbs less phosphorus when calcium levels are too high, and vice versa. Vitamin D is also necessary to adequately absorb phosphorus. Ka’Chava contains 32-48% of your daily value of phosphorus per serving.

More Health Benefits

  • Immune System

    A subpar diet may keep your immune system from functioning optimally.
  • Energy

    Key nutrients play a critical role in the conversion of food to energy.
  • digestion

    Honing in on the right foods and nutrients can go a long way in supporting healthy digestion

    Getting the right amount of certain nutrients supports a healthy metabolism and leaves you feeling satisfied instead of hangry.

    Muscle isn’t built with protein alone. Other nutrients are needed to fuel workouts and support muscle function.
  • Heart

    Discover which can nutrients help keep your ticker in top shape and support healthy blood vessels.
  • appearance

    Getting your daily dose of these key nutrients supports hair, skin, and nail health and can help boost your glow factor from within.
  • Mind

    Support your brain and nervous system with these key nutrients.

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Tastes Wonderful
Not gritty. Not chalky. Mixes like a dream and tastes wonderful.
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Our Promise

We want you to be healthy, happy & satisfied.

Get a full refund for 1 bag of each flavor if you don’t absolutely love it. Yes, that includes shipping and sales tax! (not return shipping). Pretty fair right?

Rest assured, you can try it for 30 days risk-free. Learn more(opens in a new window).

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