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5 Nutrients That Support Healthy Digestion

The state of your digestive system is directly and immediately affected by your food choices. Here’s why Ka’Chava’s expertly formulated nutrient profile makes The Whole Body Meal your gut’s new BFF.

So many aspects of modern life can mess with gut health and digestion. Fortunately, honing in on the right foods and nutrients can go a long way in supporting healthy digestion. Case in point: Research by the American Gut Project suggests that the main predictor of gut health is the number of plant foods in someone’s diet—people eating more than 30 different types per week had a healthier gut microbiome than people eating fewer than 10. The good news is that Ka’Chava delivers key nutrients to keep digestion humming.

See The Top 5 Digestive Humming Nutrients In Ka’Chava

  • Fiber:

    Feeds The Gut + Supports Regularity

    Fiber is what the “good” probiotic bacteria in your gut need to feed and proliferate. What’s more, when your beneficial gut bugs break down fiber, the resulting byproducts are called short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs), including butyrate, an SCFA that feeds the cells in your colon and enhances gut barrier function. The health of your gut barrier is crucial for absorption and ensures that you only allow beneficial nutrients into your circulation.

    And as if that wasn’t enough, the insoluble fiber found in a range of plant foods adds bulk to your stool, helping to support regularity (win-win!). Because sometimes you don’t want to be special; you just want to be regular. Ka’Chava is an excellent source of fiber and provides 14-25% of your recommended daily intake from sources like whole grain oats, chia, flax, and inulin.

  • Probiotics:

    Supports Gut Health

    Certain probiotics can help to improve your gut microbial diversity and maintain the integrity of your gut lining. Probiotics such as Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Lactobacillus acidophilus, along with prebiotic fiber, can help improve the ratio of good to harmful bacteria in your gut and increase the production of beneficial short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs). Ka’Chava contains both L. rhamnosus and L. acidophilus, plus inulin prebiotic fiber.

  • Vitamin D:

    Supports Gut Health

    Vitamin D plays a fundamental role in maintaining and integrity of your gut (intestinal) lining. Unfortunately, most people don’t get enough of this crucial nutrient to support its many functions in the body. Vitamin D is primarily found in animal-based food sources and is famously difficult to get through diet alone. Still, each serving of Ka’Chava contains about one-quarter of your daily needs.

  • Digestive enzymes:

    Help Break Down Food

    In an ideal world, we’d enjoy meals slowly and mindfully, chew carefully, and give our bodies the time necessary to pump out the digestive enzymes that break down food. In reality, we often scarf down our meals, which may catch our bodies by surprise. Fortunately, Ka’Chava contains five different digestive enzymes (amylase, protease, cellulase, lactase, and lipase) that help your body break down food so you can make the most out of your meals on the go.

  • Zinc:

    Supports the Gut

    Zinc plays a vital role in helping to maintain the integrity of your gut lining, assisting in cell turnover and repair. You’ll find zinc predominantly in animal-based foods and a few plant foods like cashews—but Ka’Chava packs almost two-thirds of your daily zinc needs.

Support Your Digestion

Here are a few of the ingredients in Ka’Chava with nutrients that support your digestion

  • chia seeds
  • flax seeds
  • Whole Grain Oats

More Health Benefits

  • Immune System

    A subpar diet may keep your immune system from functioning optimally.
  • Energy

    Key nutrients play a critical role in the conversion of food to energy.

    Getting the right amount of certain nutrients supports a healthy metabolism and leaves you feeling satisfied instead of hangry.

    Muscle isn’t built with protein alone. Other nutrients are needed to fuel workouts and support muscle function.
  • joints & bones

    Strong bones and healthy joints require a key combination of these nutrients
  • Heart

    Discover which can nutrients help keep your ticker in top shape and support healthy blood vessels.
  • appearance

    Getting your daily dose of these key nutrients supports hair, skin, and nail health and can help boost your glow factor from within.
  • Mind

    Support your brain and nervous system with these key nutrients.

Customer Reviews

Review rated 5Steven Vaccariello
I've been using the Vanilla for about 3 months now, and it's my main morning meal, every day. It tastes great, feels good, and enhances my nutritional intake in ways I just wouldn't get, otherwise. I haven't subscribed yet, for some reason - I guess I'm just not that bright. I'm smart enough to drink Ka'Chava, though!
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Our Promise

We want you to be healthy, happy & satisfied.

Get a full refund for 1 bag of each flavor if you don’t absolutely love it. Yes, that includes shipping and sales tax! (not return shipping). Pretty fair right?

Rest assured, you can try it for 30 days risk-free. Learn more(opens in a new window).

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