This holiday season, focus on the present...

The present moment, that is!

We’ve got 12 ways to help you do just that, with a series of daily gifts—tips and tricks from mindfulness practitioners—that are sure to nourish your body, mind, and (holiday) spirit.

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Practicing Mindfulness Every Day? Easy!

Here, mindfulness and wellness advisor Courtney Knowles and other wellness experts share their favorite ways to integrate moments of stillness into their daily routines.

Day 1

Sensory Meditation

Ease into how to develop a daily mindfulness practice with an introductory sensory experience built around your favorite beverage. Appreciating simple experiences and creating moments of presence can be part of every day.


Day 2

Box Breathing

This simple-but-powerful breathing technique helps us find balance between the creative and analytical parts of our brains, and is a great way to reset and recharge between meetings or tasks.


Day 3

Body Scan Meditation

Body scans are a great meditation technique for beginners to get out of their heads, without having to just sit in silence. They’re also great tools for diffusing negative thoughts anytime we’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed.


Day 4

Gratitude Journaling Prompt & Reflection

Journaling while exploring mindfulness practices helps us to understand what approaches work best for each of us. Encourage yourself to be more present with this gratitude journaling prompt.


Day 5

Heart-Opening Flow

Mindfulness is all about quieting the mind and being present in the moment. This short yoga flow is designed to create expansion and open our hearts.


Day 6

Heart Chakra Sound Experience

Become acquainted with the concept of chakras—energy centers connected to our hearts—and create a moment of open-hearted presence with visualizations, sound bowls and other instruments.


Day 7

Three-Part Circular Breath

Conscious, deep breathing is the starting point for many mindfulness practices. Learn an easy deep-breathing exercise to do anywhere, anytime.


Day 8


Learn some basic “I AM” affirmations, and begin integrating these affirmations in a tangible way.


Day 9

Grounding Flow

Thought-driven narratives can deplete our energy and make it hard for us to focus and stay present during turbulent times. This all-levels yoga flow brings us back down to earth and grounds us in a calmer state of mind.


Day 10

Grounding Sound Experience

To fully embrace the joy in our lives, we have to ground ourselves in the present moment. This short grounding exercise will use sound and a mantra to find more joy and ease in the present moment.


Day 11

Visualization & Manifestation

Research shows the impact of visualizing how we want to feel in the future, rather than focusing on specific wants. This exercise will help us manifest and visualize our future selves, in the present moment.


Day 12

Habit Stacking

Creating lasting rituals through habit stacking. Feel free to review the techniques and experiences from the past 11 days as needed to find what works best for your practice.