Fit young woman in the outdoors at sunrise, smiling to her right and drinking Ka'Chava.

Ka'Chava makes getting all the essential nutrients your body needs deliciously simple while saving you money.

Decadent bacon, egg and cheese on a bagel, split open and held aloft.

Breakfast Sandwich

There’s a lot of protein in a bagel, a fried egg, and some breakfast sausage (or bacon if you aren’t a purist). That said, there’s also a lot of added oils, grease, and refined carbohydrates that come along for the ride—not to mention a $12+ price tag. Our Superblend gives your body 25 grams of protein plus all the vitamins and nutrients your body needs, without any of the negatives. And while grabbing a quick breakfast sandwich is convenient, you’d save more time by just shaking up some Ka’Chava at home, and getting out the door.

Green paper coffee cup held aloft before a park scene.


Arguably the least expensive of the three is also the sneakiest—and probably the one we love most. Going on a coffee run does provide a quick burst of energy, but it doesn’t sustain you with fuel your body can utilize for the long haul. Rather than spending $4+ on an inevitable caffeine crash, our Superblend gives you sustained energy levels powered by nutrient-rich superfoods and vitamins.

Cobb salad in a compostable container at an office desk.


We’re not going to sit here and tell you that a salad is a bad choice—more often than not, you’re making a smart decision for your health (so long as you go easy on the dressing). But paying for a $14+ salad more than once a week is simply not sustainable. All the nutrients you’re looking for in that salad—spinach, kale, quinoa, etc.—can be found in a $4 serving of Ka’Chava with a delicious taste that won’t leave you craving something more flavorful.

Stop overspending on meals