Born in the Jungle

There were no lab coats or focus groups involved in the creation of Ka’Chava...

It was inspired by a group of friends living in a mountain-side bungalow in the jungle...

Many years of running a business and leading a fast-paced and stressful lifestyle had taken a serious toll on my health. I was eating whatever was fast and convenient and rarely had time to workout.

I finally reached a point where I decided that my health was too important and I needed to search out a healthier lifestyle. So I left the "concrete jungle" to go live in an actual jungle in Thailand.

I took on an intense workout regime with some friends that involved trail running in the morning, 5x5 weight training in the afternoon, and hot yoga in the evening.

While our training was tough, it was even more of a challenge to manage our diet with clean, nutritious food throughout the day because of our busy routine. 

We became passionate about the nutrient-rich superfoods native to South America, used for centuries by tribal cultures to boost their energy, control thier hunger cravings, and help combat both physical and mental stress.

Every morning, we would obsessively grind and blend these ingredients into "power shakes" that we'd drink to jump-start our day or give us a mid-day boost.

Then the idea came to us...

What if we could create a truly unique health shake unlike anything else out there?

What if we could help other health purists and label-readers like ourselves by creating an all-in-one meal that provided all the essential daily nutrients our bodies need from the plant-based, nutrient-rich superfoods used by these ancient tribes?

And what if we could make it a complete on-the-go meal that kept us feeling full for hours with the perfect balance of proteins, fiber and essential fats to curb our hunger cravings and help us avoid the temptation to eat junk food when hunger strikes?

In other words, a meal that would give us all the good stuff while helping us avoid the bad stuff.

Is this even possible?

At first the idea seemed impossible. We knew that taste would be of the utmost importance, but our early attempts were met with frustration and disappointment. Mucky texture and terrible taste made these early shakes practically undrinkable! It was a huge challenge to combine all 70+ ingredients together into a great tasting shake.

On top of that, we refused to cut corners with artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, preservatives or any of the other nasty fillers that are found in almost every "health" product out there.

At last!

We came back to the States and partnered with one of the best natural food formulators in the US. Together with nutritionists we spent two years testing and refining until we had created a truly great tasting shake.   

The name Ka'Chava comes from the Mayan word for Earth - a tribute to the South American origins of so many of our superfoods.

We are proud to say that Ka'Chava is made from 100% plant-based proteins and the most powerful, energizing superfoods on the planet, without any fillers, artificial additives or sweeteners.  

We are excited to share this labor of love with you and hope that you will enjoy all the great health benefits it can bring you!

Simon Malone
(Co-Founder of Ka'Chava)

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