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Maca Root, Sacha Inchi, Camu Camu, Maqui Berry, Chia Seeds, Flax, Chlorella, Amaranth, Coconut, Acai Berry, Kale…And More!



We’re on a mission to empower healthy lifestyles by bringing together all the best superfoods into a single, ready-to-go meal. A meal to nourish your body, satisfy your hunger, and sustain you on the journey of life.

Can something this healthy actually taste good?

“It Is Creamy And Smooth. Even My Kids Will Drink It!”
“OMG! So Good, You Should Try It!”
Debbie Nielsen
"It’s Amazing! Not Chalky Or Weird Tasting"
Diana Stack
“You Weren’t Kidding. It’s Delicious. Get Into It!”
Peter Rengstorf
“By Far The Best. Mild Taste And Not Real Sweet Like Other Shakes”
“I Was Very Skeptical But It’s True!! It Tastes Amazing!”
Tom Derkas
“You Won’t Regret It. No Chalky Aftertaste. Tastes Like A Milkshake.”
Michael Munger
Your Essential Daily Nutrients

Simplify your nutrition with a holistic approach that gives you all the essentials your body needs to feel and perform your best. The days of hunting and gathering for your daily nutrition are over.



Powerful Superfoods Used For Centuries

We’ve traveled the world to learn from local cultures who have discovered the most nutrient-rich superfoods found in nature, to promote wellness, boost energy, and control hunger such as…



















Coconut Coconut






Sacha Inchi, the “superseed” from the highlands of Peru, has been cultivated by indigenous people for over 3,000 years. It’s rich profile of nutrients include Protein, Omega 3, 6, and 9, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Alpha Tocopherol and Fiber

Camu Camu berries are extraordinarily rich in Vitamin C, Polyphenols, Flavonoid Antioxidants including Anthocyanins and Ellagic Acid. This superfood berry only grows in flooded areas of the Amazon rainforest and has been used by locals for medicinal purposes and as a natural energy booster.

Chia, the ancient Mayan word for “strength” were used by warriors for endurance and sustained energy. These tiny seeds are packed with Fiber, Protein, Omega 3, Calcium, Manganese, Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, and Potassium.

Reishi is known as the “Queen of Mushrooms” and the “Mushroom of Immortality”. Rich in Antioxidants, Polysaccharides, and Beta-Glucans, this adaptogen has been used for over 2,000 years in Japan and China by traditional healers who say it helps support the body’s immune function, sleep-cycles, and to soothe stress, among other benefits.

Acai berries are a Brazilian “superfruit” native to the Amazon region where they are praised for having health and wellness benefits. As a low-sugar fruit, their nutritional profile is uniquely rich in Antioxidants, Fatty Acids, especially Oleic, Palmitic, and Linoleic Acids.

Chlorella is a nutrient-dense, fresh-water algae containing Vitamin B12, Omega 3s, Protein (all 9 essential Amino Acids), Iron, Vitamin C, Fiber, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, Potassium, Calcium, Folic Acid and other Antioxidants and B Vitamins. It’s commonly used for “detoxifying” properties such as helping to remove heavy metals and other harmful toxins from the body.

Quinoa is a grain-like seed, rich in Protein (all nine essential amino acids), Fiber, Iron, Copper, Thiamin and Vitamin B6, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Manganese and Folate. It has served as a staple food for over 4,000 years in the Andean region of South America and was known as the “mother grain” by the Incas.

Maitake is an adaptogen mushroom native to northeastern Japan, used by medicinal healers for thousands of years. Rich in Antioxidants, Beta-Glucans, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Copper, Potassium, Fiber, Minerals, Amino Acids, it’s said to boost immune function among other health benefits

Shiitake have been used as a medicinal food since the Ming Dynasty in China (1368-1644 BC). They are rich in nutrients such as Fiber, Protein, Riboflavin, Niacin, Copper, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin D, Folate, Selenium, Manganese, Zinc, Potassium, Iron, Panothenic Acid and Magnesium.

Coconuts were first cultivated in tropical regions of Southeast Asia over 4,500 years ago. Unlike other fruits they are low-carb and high in fat, primarily MCTs (medium-chain-triglycerides) which are metabolized by the body more rapidly as energy than other fats. They’re also a source of Fiber, Protein, Manganese, Copper, Selenium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Iron, and Potassium

Maqui berries are one of the richest sources of Antioxidants on earth, and have been harvested by the native Mapuche Indians of Chile for thousands of years. They are rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Potassium, Calcium, Sodium, Iron, Fiber, and Protein.

Maca root is a powerful adaptogen grown at high altitudes in the Andes mountains of central Peru above 13,000 feet. Long believed to enhance endurance, sharpen mental focus and memory, reduce stress and was used by locals to prepare for battle. 

for today's fast-paced life

Whether you’re running a marathon, running a business, or running a family,  Ka’Chava gives you the power to quickly fuel up and take on the day. 

That Keeps You Full For Hours

Nothing else needed for a smooth, creamy, delicious shake.

OR Get creative
With Recipes Like These…
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Clean & Pure Ingredients

Your body deserves to be nourished with the highest quality ingredients. We refuse to cut corners or compromise on quality. No fillers, no nonsense!

Colors, Flavors, Sweeteners


For The Planet

Eating more plant-based meals is one of the best ways to save our planet. Producing plant protein uses much less land, energy, or water compared to animal sources, with less waste or greenhouse gasses. Even just switching one meal a day to plant-based greatly reduces your environmental impact.

Ka’Chava is a proud supporter of:
you can
do amazing things
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Can I get a refund even if it’s not my first purchase?

You might have a legitimate reason to request a refund, even if it’s not your first time ordering. Use the same form to let us know what went wrong and we’ll do our best to make it right.

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“Downright Life Changing”

I can’t begin to describe how amazing I feel after three weeks substituting one meal a day for Ka’Chava! I love the taste and texture (I prefer to mix it with unsweetened almond milk), it curbs my hunger for hours and actually makes me crave healthy foods because I don’t want to spoil the amazing feeling! I seem to have boundless energy. I am working out harder and longer than I have in about ten years (I am 54), and am sleeping like a baby, after years of struggling with insomnia. For me it has been downright life changing. And in such a short period of time! I love it!

Jose Ramos
Jose Ramos

"My Body Feels Energized”

I use KaChava once a day, either for breakfast or lunch. My body feels energized after drinking it and i am not hungry for several hours afterwards. Thank you for Ka Chava!!!

Leslie Armstrong
Leslie Armstrong

“I’ve Lost 12 Pounds.”

I have now used this product for almost 2 months…..and I LOVE IT!!!! It far surpasses others that appear to be similar….and as a bonus it has helped support my fitness regiment in which I’ve lost 12 ponds to date. I highly recommend Ka’Chava!

Eric Holmer
Eric Holmer

“My Сravings Have Disappeared.”

I have been drinking one for breakfast and lunch for a month and a half and I feel great. My cravings for junk food and soda have disappeared completely. I’ve lost 7 lbs. My husband who thought the whole superfood thing was the latest fad in scams was shocked to actually notice the changes in my mood and energy levels. He’s convinced. For everyone that says it’s to expensive at 60.00 a bag think about how much it costs to eat out. I used to have breakfast and lunch at McDonald’s or other fast food restaurants because I don’t have time to prepare food for work in the morning. 3.99 a meal is cheaper than 8.00 a meal so I am saving money of food. Then when you add all the money I am saving not buying soda and other junk food snacks $60.00 a bag is a huge savings for me.

Jennifer Billotti
Jennifer Billotti

“I’m So Impressed”

So far, so great! My wife Mattie and I have been using the chocolate flavor superfood every other day to replace breakfast. We add banana and blueberries and sometimes a little almond butter. Because we have an organic garden with loads of fresh herbs, we also add mint and whatever else we harvest. Overall, the drink we make is great and it sustains our energy and mental clarify well beyond our big midday meal time. I’m so impressed by the sustainability of energy that I plan on using the product during a 21-day fast. My wife and I strongly recommend KA’CHAVA. It’s a great superfood and we plan on writing other reviews about our experiences.

Earnest Johnson
Earnest Johnson

“My Entire Family Uses It. ”

I’ve been using Ka’Chava for about 2 years now. It’s was my 5th product when trying different vegan protein options for post workout. At first I was skeptical, because I didn’t want a full meal replacement for a post workout drink, however to my surprise it’s perfect. Because it doubles as a meal replacement, I’m able to take it everywhere when traveling, especially on long trips. I live in Guam, and a plane ride home is typically 17 hours. Having my Ka’Chava ensures I get full nutrients without having to eat crappy plane food and airport food. I’ve learned to master different recipes and, açaí, and chia bowls. When they came out with a second flavor, I was hooked again. My entire family uses it, and I’m famous for gifting bags of Ka’Chava for special occasions, as well as for prizes during my clean eating challenges that I host as a personal trainer and health coach. The probiotics is a plus, we all need help in digesting protein and getting the toxins out of our body. It’s high quality stuff all around and tastes great.

Desiree Gathers
Desiree Gathers

“I’m Losing Weight Finally”

I was at first skeptical. I have heard about how meal supplements have been busted for including unhealthy ingredients or maybe it would be gritty and horrible tasting. Not Ka’Chava! This stuff tastes amazing and mixes up really well, either in a shaker cup or blender. I had breast cancer in 2016 and have been working on improving my diet, most importantly including more nutrient-dense foods. I gained a lot of weight from the horrible, toxic medicine I was urged to take. I stopped taking it about a year ago and struggled to lose the weight with punishing workouts that only kicked up my adrenal fatigue and made me feel worse. Since purchasing Ka’Chava (this summer) and seeking a more loving way to conduct self-care, I’ve begun a process of transforming my health, sense of self, lifestyle and diet. I intermittent fast for 14 hours and go for a invigorating morning walk along the beach and meditate and then around 10 am I have Ka’Chava and I don’t feel the need to eat again until way later in the day. When I do eat, I am choosing healthy, whole, organic foods. I don’t have cravings for crap anymore. I am satiated yet feel light. I am losing weight finally and I feel like every time I take a sip I ingest cancer-fighting super-charged nutrients! Thank you!


“Awesome Product”

Climbed Mt Katahdin & swam across lake Ambajejus on back to back days thanks to Ka’Chava. Awesome product !!

David H
David H

“Simply The Best! I’m Hooked.”

Not a whole lot I can say but simply the best stuff I tried in my life. Bad side is that I’m hooked to it and can’t start a day without it. Another bad thing is that my wife tried it also and she got hooked as well. Thank you so much for getting us off the junk food.

Bojan Vasilic
Bojan Vasilic

“I Love The Taste & How It Fills Me Up”

I am so happy about this meal!! I buy the vanilla, add unsweetened Cocoa, cinnamon, agave and cold zero water. I love the taste and how it fills me up. I love the texture. No strange after taste, no chalky taste and the nutrients are fantastic! I will be a walking, talking billboard for Ka Chava!

Sherrie C
Sherrie C

“I Have More Energy Now.”

I’m an endurance athlete that works out almost every morning but I hate eating breakfast. I’m a biopharmaceutical professional and I understand how important breakfast is to gut health and how critical gut health is to your body’s health, aging process, etc. I’ve never been able to eat before working out and working out on an empty stomach produces cortisol which actually accumulates fat. I started drinking ka’chava first thing in the morning and I’ve seen multiple benefits. I have more energy now during my workout, I don’t “crash” afterword when I eat and my energy level is sustained throughout the day which is a dramatic change! I’ve also been able to cut out several supplements I used to take because ka’chava has it all. Also my body has leaned out because I’m not producing cortisol from working out on an empty stomach. My nail beds are a healthier color which is a visual sign of cellular and metabolic health and I feel better. For me it’s the perfect solution to my lifelong challenge over breakfast. Thanks ka’chava!

Michael Roy
Michael Roy

“I’m really picky. One of the best I’ve ever tasted”

It truly is delicious, I’m really picky and Kachava is one of the best I have ever tasted. The nutrients are unreal, also.

Jaimeeee Roldan
Jaimeeee Roldan

“Best Meal Replacement Out There!”

I’ve been using the Ka Chava meal replacement for over six months and it’s amazing! I feel so good, look so good and can’t imagine not having the chocolate shake for breakfast. It helps my picky eight year old eat better and he loves it! You have to try it to understand the difference.

Michael Marchese
Michael Marchese

“I Feel Great”

I love this stuff! I take this as my post workout drink instead of a processed crap filled protein shake that I was drinking. Not only does it taste good, since I’ve been drinking this everyday for the last month, my skin has never looked so good, my hair has tons of new growth, my digestive system is working great and I feel great!


“More Ripped At 56 Years Old.”

Delicious, very satisfying, super healthy. I work out daily and have for 35 years. More ripped than anyone in the gym at 56 years old. On my 4th month at 2 bags per month. I Love this stuff!!!!

CHRIS DeVincentis
CHRIS DeVincentis

“My Doctor Recommended It”

I’m so thankful my doctor recommended Kachava to me. I was skeptical at first, but thought I would give it a try, especially since I wasn’t getting a good amount of nutrients. My doctor is an avid health/nutrition/food/wellness advocate and very rarely prescribes medications, so I figured he had a strong reason. My first notice is my hair, skin, and nails are longer, stronger, and more vibrant. I’ve also noticed that I’m sleeping better and longer at night. Another plus is that by only drinking one a day, I’ve lost 3lbs in 21 days. I weighed 131 when I started and I’m down to 128. Great product for sure!


“I Actually Crave It”

I absolutely love the Chocolate !! I actually crave it. The 250 calorie drink keeps me on my fitness track. Nutritionally, Ka’Chava is hard to beat. Ingredients such as the super grain , Amaranth [and many more], make this one of the best nutritional products I have ever used. I have recommended this to many others. Vanilla purchase is next… THANKS!!

Heather Tackitt
Heather Tackitt

“Full Of Energy”

I just recently purchased this wonderful product. So far Kachava makes me feel full, satisfied and full of energy. I don’t feel hungry at all afterwards and love all the wonderful ingredients in it. Thank you Kachava for making this wonderful product. I will be a tribe member for a long time to come.


“Truly Amazing”

As a fitness freak/bodybuilder who happens to have hereditary higher cholesterol levels, I am using this amazing product to reduce what I think isn’t helping my LDL levels, which has been to consume much animal based proteins. So for breakfast 5 days a week I am experimenting with only having Coffee, Water, Ka’chava, and some fruit, and then not eating anything until 2pm. It tastes amazing and totally unique and is so chock full of good nature, it would take hours to gather them all individually. Love it love it. In fact, below is a pic of how I look after having one ;)


“Best Breakfast Ever”

I recently got my first order of Kachava, Vanilla. I use a blender to mix the product with half a banana, blueberries, and 3 slices of mango. Added ice and almond milk and blend. Place in the refrigerator and have it for breakfast the next morning at 4:30 am. My body craves the healthy breakfast boost and it presents no digestive problems like some protein. I HIGHLY recommend this product

Christopher Lavender
Christopher Lavender

“Far Exceeded My Expectations”

I am a petite “older” woman who tries to “eat clean” and who stays physically active. I am Gluten Intolerant but not necessarily Vegan. I decided to try KA’CHAVA because of its great ingredients and money back guarantee, but I was not expecting it to be any different from the other protein meal replacements I had tried. Boy was I wrong! Its taste far exceeded my expectations and surpassed the other products I had tried, plus it kept me full and satisfied for many hours in spite of my very active lifestyle. Now I am using KA’CHAVA every morning instead of trying to figure out what I can possibly eat that is GF, nutritious, low in sugar, low in fat, low in calories, high in protein, high in fiber, and still tastes delicious. P.S. The Chocolate flavor is amazing!


“A Dedicated Customer For Life”

You don’t have nearly enough stars for me to give you! You guy’s have really hit the jackpot with this incredible awesome Superfood! I’ve went through about 4 bags and i have to have it twice a day. In the morning i’m so exited to get to my blender and get the best tasting Superfood drink that’s available anywhere on this planet! Have to have it EVERYDAY now, because it really works and does what you said it would. I will be ordering much more in the future because it is perfect, and i mostly drink this and don’t eat near as much as i used to. Thank you so much for creating a product that is so perfect in every way! I am a dedicated customer for life! I wish it was sold in 40 ib. bags. lol

Allen Dick
Allen Dick

“Lost Five Pounds In Ten Days”

KA’CHAVA: It’s easy, it tastes good, it’s affordable . . . and it works! I’ve experimented with When and How Often to make a Ka’Chava meal over the past ten days. Seems like preparing it for breakfast is best for me. Then main meal at lunch, and a small, non-meat supper, and I’m melting off extraneous pounds. Most important: I’m Satisfied all day; other products led me to cheat too often. Not Ka’Chava. Can’t wait to try the Vanilla flavor next!

James Roman
James Roman

“I Haven’t Felt This Good In A Long Time”

I feel like a new person! I haven’t felt this good in a long time. I have never been a fan of smoothies or shakes, but this has changed my mind forever. I will be a life long customer.

Jeff Weber
Jeff Weber
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Whether you love rich chocolate, or mild and creamy vanilla (the perfect base for blending new flavor creations), either way you’ll be delighted to find both flavors are more subtle and less sweet than other shakes on the market.