6 Reasons Why Health Conscious People Are Obsessed With This Meal Shake

6 Reasons Why Health Conscious People Are Obsessed With This Meal Shake

6 Reasons Why Health Conscious People Are Obsessed With This Meal Shake

Unfortunately, typical nutrition shakes and bars, promising this convenience, are a big disappointment once you read the label. Low-quality ingredients, nasty fillers and sweeteners – nothing but desserts, and candy bars repackaged to look healthy. Here’s how the creators behind Ka’Chava are shaking things up by combining all the best superfoods into a single, ready-to-go meal:

23/10/19 | Samatha Reeves

Have you ever struggled to find truly healthy meals on the go?

1. It’s NOT Just Another Protein Shake… IT IS THE MEAL!

At first glance, you might think it’s just another glorified protein shake… until you look at the back label! Wow! Protein, Fiber, Omegas, Greens, Antioxidants, Probiotics, Adaptogens, Vitamins, Minerals and more! This isn’t a supplement you drink between meals… this IS the meal! And what other meal gives you all those nutrients in one serving?!!

2. It’s Loaded with Over 70 Superfoods & Nutrients

Ingredients are everything! That’s why the creators of Ka’Chava travelled the world in search of the most nutrient-rich superfoods found in nature. Powerful plants like Maca Root, Sacha Inchi, Maqui Berry, Camu Camu and others, used and revered by tribal cultures for centuries. Now, thanks to Ka’Chava, these rare superfood ingredients are finally accessible to the rest of us!

3. It Helps Control Your Cravings And Your Calories

It’s not magic. Just a nutrient-dense, calorie-light meal (250 cal) that keeps you full for hours. It’s made with the optimal balance of protein, fiber and essential fats – the 3 key nutrients for increased satiety to help satisfy your hunger. Whether you’re trying to improve your health or manage your weight, just pick your least healthy meal of the day, and replace it with Ka’Chava!

4. It's Clean and Pure. No Fillers, No Nonsense

How many times have you been excited by a new “health” product only to be let down when you discover all the nasty fillers, allergens, and artificial additives in the fine print? At Ka’Chava they wanted to be the cleanest, most natural product on the market. That means No Animal Products, No Gluten, No Soy, No Dairy, No Artificial Sweeteners, Flavors, or Colors, and No Preservatives. Health purists and label readers rejoice!

5. It's Surprisingly Delicious... For Something This Healthy

If you’ve tried other plant-based shakes, you’ve probably endured many gritty, chalky, grass-tasting disappointments. It’s easy to make something healthy… the hard part is making something you’ll actually enjoy and look forward to drinking! That’s why they spent so many years of taste-testing and obsessive refinement to make Ka’Chava a delicious part of your daily routine!

6. It's Easy, Just Add Water

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner... oh my! Now you’ve got super healthy meals on demand – for anytime you’re too busy to shop, chop, cook and clean your way to a healthy meal! Just add water, 2 scoops of Ka’Chava, mix well and enjoy! Plus you can get Ka’Chava auto-delivered right to your door each month if you want to subscribe. Busy and Healthy are now BFFs!

If you made it to #6 you're obviously serious about living a healthy lifestyle.

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