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  • 1. It’s the All-in-One Shake

    Kachava Chocolate bag laying on a field of greens

    Get all your macros—carbs, fat, and protein—in one delicious Superblend. Ka’Chava packs in protein, omega-3s, fiber, greens, vegetables, superfruits, antioxidants, adaptogens, prebiotics, probiotics, vitamins, and minerals. It’s head-to-toe wellness. 

  • 2. Holistic Health for Body & Mind

    Mature Male drinking a Kachava Bottle

    You’ve heard about adaptogens, you know why vitamins and minerals matter, and you’ve read about the benefits of prebiotics and probiotics. With Ka’Chava, you can get all of that—and more—in one convenient Superblend. See everything that’s inside.

  • 3. It’s Protein-Packed

    Mature Male holding a bag of KaChava

    With 25 grams of protein per serving, Ka’Chava is great for drinking before or after the gym. Our plant protein comes from sacha inchi, yellow peas, brown rice, quinoa, and amaranth—together, they combine to make a complete protein. 

  • 4. It’s True Clean Eating

    Ka’Chava is made from 85+ nutrients, superfoods, and plant-based ingredients with no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. Instead of processed sugar, we sweeten with lo han fruit (monk fruit) extract and organic coconut flower nectar. No dairy, gluten, soy, stevia, preservatives, or artificial dyes involved. 

  • 5. Full of Powerhouse Nutrients for Just a Few Bucks

    Hand scooping some KaChava powder out of a bag

    Find yourself stocking up on a million individual supplements? It gets pricey quickly. With so many premium nutrients in every sip of Ka’Chava, you might find yourself not needing some of the other stuff. And when you subscribe, each shake is just $3.99. 

  • 6. The Taste is Unreal 

    You won’t believe that something this nutrient-rich could taste so good. We’ve got Vanilla, Chocolate, Chai, Coconut Acai, and Matcha, and all you need to prepare them is water (and maybe some ice).

  • 7. Plant-Based Eaters Love It

    Our philosophy is to put nature in our bodies so we can get out into nature. With a vegan shake as delicious as Ka’Chava, you won’t miss the animal products. Think of it as the tastiest way you can do right by your body (and Mother Earth). 

  • 8. It Couldn’t Be Easier to Shop

    Man scooping some KaChava powder from a bag of Chocolate

    With a subscription, you can get Ka’Chava delivered every 15, 30, or 45 days—you choose your frequency. Your Superblends will land right at your door, making it easy to get the nutrition you love every day.