I Tried Every Post-Workout Shake on the Planet, and Then I Found This

28/03/19 | Garett Stanley | @g_train4

Working Out Is Easy. Nutrition is hard.

Let’s get real – it’s easy to say you’re going to do something. It’s a lot harder to actually do it.

My name’s Garrett Stanley, and I made a commitment to get healthy and stay healthy. The only way for me to follow through on that commitment was to work out and improve my eating habits. I had to do both.

The workout part, honestly, was pretty easy for me. My goal was to maintain and slowly build muscle mass, which I did by rotating my daily focus on a different body part each day. I love working out with strength training, and I post regularly on my Instagram page with different lifts and techniques I’m trying out all the time. One of the secrets is to change up the routine so you don’t get bored.

The nutrition part, as it turns out, wasn’t so easy. Breakfast, I’ve got down. But my search for post-workout and on-the-go meal shakes led me down what seemed like an endless trail of disappointment and frustration. Until, that is, I got a surprise Christmas present from my dad.

I’ll get to his present in a minute. But first, here are all the other things I tried, and why they didn’t deliver what my body (or taste buds) needed.

The Problem With Bars

Lots of people eat protein bars. And for good reason - the appeal is simple. I just worked hard, and my muscles need protein to build themselves back up. Protein bars are simple to understand and fast to eat. I really push myself in my workouts, and my muscles are spent by the end. If I do any cardio, I’m even more tired, and I need to refuel. But it didn’t take long for me to figure out that protein bars weren’t enough.

What was the problem?

Only Protein
( lack of essential nutrients )

First, some protein bars have protein, but not much else. After a workout, your body needs more than just protein. You need fluids, nutrients, and some carbs. But the bars that do have other nutrients also usually have high amounts of sugar, carbs, and fats – not what your body wants after a workout. Besides, they’re just not big enough. I was still hungry. And I didn’t want to eat like four bars before feeling like I’d gotten enough food, because I’d also be consuming all that extra sugar and carbs.

( Added Sugars )

Second, protein bars are held together by ‘sticky stuff’. This might be rice syrups, date paste, or other carb-heavy ingredients. And, most of them also have artificial additives and preservatives. It’s the only way to make the packaging and extended shelf lives possible.  

Extra Fat

Third, you don’t want extra fat right after a workout. Fats actually slow down the absorption of protein, which is the whole reason you’re eating the protein bar - to rebuild the muscles you just tortured!

The Problem With Protein Shakes

I’m telling you, I tried EVERYTHING. Almost every brand in the world of all this stuff.

After protein bars, I switched to protein shakes, and then whey protein shakes, and then plant-based protein shakes. Now, you’re getting some real substance, I thought. More protein than a bar, plus fluids, plus probably some other good stuff, right?

Added Sugars

The problem again is what else they toss in there besides the protein. They usually do this because of taste. “Protein” doesn’t tend to taste that great. But sugar does. But sugar isn’t what you want, and most protein shake companies know this, so they’ve gone looking for substitutes.

Most of them have settled on sucralose, which is the key ingredient in Splenda. I wanted to avoid Splenda, because its safety has been questioned by a few studies. It’s not conclusive, but since I’d be eating it almost daily, I wanted to avoid it.  

Lack Of Nutrients

Sweeteners aside, the protein shakes just don’t have the additional nutrients I knew had been depleted in my workout. They’re too one-dimensional. Protein alone isn’t enough, and they still didn’t fill me up

Bad Taste

I liked the promise of plant-based protein post-workout shakes, because they often have additional nutrients besides just the protein. I tried so many of these. The biggest problem this time?

They just tasted terrible.

I couldn’t stand any of them. Especially knowing I wanted to consume these on a daily basis.

So here I was, in the midst of my quest for something to replenish by body after my intense workouts, when Christmas 2018 rolled around.

Hello Ka’Chava!
( My Post-Workout Shake Christmas Present )

My brother heard about a post-workout shake on some online podcast, and decided to try a bag. He got my dad to try it too. And because my dad knew about my nutrition goals and fitness lifestyle, he bought me a bag for Christmas.

I unwrapped the gift and saw this big brown bag of Ka’Chava.

Another plant-based shake. “Thanks Dad.” In my head, I thought, “There’s no way it’s going to taste good.” But then again, my brother and dad had both tried it, so it was worth a try.

So I did, and this is my verdict...

✔️ Actually Tastes Good!

To my great surprise, it actually tasted good! It’s the only 100% plant-based shake I’ve found that tastes great. It’s not too sweet (partly because it has no artificial sweeteners), but it’s smooth and flavorful.

✔️ Made From Superfoods

It has loads of vitamins and minerals from a horde of awesome and sometimes rare superfoods like Camu Camu, Maca Root, Maqui Berry, Sacha Inchi and Acai Berries... just to name a few. See the complete ingredient list yourself. 

✔️ Nutrient-Dense

But much more than that, Ka’Chava also has a huge variety of nutrients: adaptogens, enzymes, probiotics, and yes, protein. It’s the most nutrient dense shake I’ve seen anywhere, by far. Way more than any of the shakes or bars or other post-workout products I’d been trying the last couple years.

✔️ Clean

It has none of the things I wasn't looking for, like no dairy, no gluten, no soy, no added sweeteners, flavors, colors or preservatives.

✔️ Not Boring (versatile)

Ka’Chava is also versatile because it can be combined with water, milk, fruit, and even used in baking. So you can do shakes, smoothies, and all kinds of things with it.

✔️ Fills Me Up

And it also does what none of the other products I’ve tried could do after my workout: It fills me up. It’s the combination of protein plus so many healthy nutrients that makes this happen.

✔️ 100% Plant-Based

Listen - I’m not a plant-based diet guy. I eat meat. I eat two hard boiled eggs as part of my breakfast. So I wasn’t drawn to Ka’Chava because it’s plant-based, though I know many people who are.

I was drawn to it because it has everything I’ve been looking for – tons of nutrients, protein, some carbs, low calories, AND great taste. And it has none of the things I wasn’t looking for, like excess sugar or preservatives or artificial sweeteners. And it fills me up.

So after a long search, I finally found the post-workout shake I’d been hungering for (literally).

Now, I get to enjoy a ripping good workout, and then follow it up with the only truly great post-workout shake I’ve found.

See if Ka’Chava Surpasses Your Expectations Too

The best thing about Ka’Chava is they have a 100% money back guarantee. You can try the first bag, and if you don’t like it, they’ll refund your money. What’s to worry about? They have a vanilla and a chocolate flavor so you can pick your favorite or try both and get free shipping.

Give Ka’Chava a try

I like it for a post-workout shake. But other people use it for complete meal replacement. You can make Ka’Chava your breakfast or your lunch, especially if you combine it with a little fruit, spinach, or whatever else you like to put in a smoothie. Here’s a page with some great Ka’Chava smoothie recipes

I hope this was helpful, and again, if you want some strength training workout tips and inspiration, feel free to follow me on Instagram!

Garrett Stanley

Garett Stanley is a health and fitness enthusiast.

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