New Ka'Chava

We're excited to finally release the new Ka'Chava! Here's a summary of what's been improved:


Larger Serving Size 

Increased from 55g to 62g (for Vanilla) and 58.5g to 64g (for Chocolate). So you get even more (10% average) with each serving!


Better Tasting

Added nutrient-rich Coconut Milk giving a smoother, creamier texture along with Lo Han Guo - a naturally sweet, zero calorie fruit extract - for a cleaner more balanced flavor profile.


More Hunger Control 

Optimized the ratio of Protein (24g), Fiber (9g) and Healthy Fats (7g), the 3 most important nutrients for satiety - the feeling of fullness - you get from a meal. 


More Energizing 

Increased the calorie count from 220 to 250 and added MCT (medium chain triglycerides) which your body quickly converts to usable energy. 


More Sustainable Packaging

Switched to more eco-friendly stand-up bags - that are easier to travel with too!