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10 Reasons Health Conscious People Are Obsessed With This Meal Shake

10 Reasons Health Conscious People Are Obsessed With This Meal Shake

10 Reasons Health Conscious People Are Obsessed With This Meal Shake

Thanks to hectic work and social schedules, even the biggest holistic health enthusiasts can struggle to maintain balanced eating habits. Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day to grocery shop, chop, cook, and go on that 5-mile hike with your dog.

05/04/18 | Samatha Reeves

Most meal shakes are basically dessert in disguise, but not Ka’Chava.

1. Ka’Chava Isn’t A Protein Shake—It’s A Complete Mea

To call Ka’Chava a protein powder would be a complete mischaracterization. Sure, it has plenty of plant-based protein (25 grams!) from high quality sources like sacha inchi, but it’s way more than a little something something to keep you full between meals—it is the meal!

Ka’Chava is an all-in-one, nutrient-rich shake that contains ingredients like greens, superfruits, omega-3s, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, adaptogens, probiotics, fiber, and more to support both physical and mental health—just add water and ice then blend! Protein powders on the other hand only have meaningful levels of one nutrient—protein.

2. It’s Loaded with Over 70 Superfoods & Nutrients

In our fast-paced world, it’s easy to forget that nearly everything we need to thrive sprouts from earth. That’s why we chose to include a variety of fruits, veggies, seeds, and grains in Ka’Chava to help power all of your adventures. Each of the potent superfoods on our ingredient list—from maca root and chia seeds to camu camu berry and amaranth—have been beloved by civilizations for hundreds if not thousands of years, and contain high levels of antioxidants and other micronutrients often lacking in modern diets.

Unlike any other meal replacement or healthy shake on the market, Ka’Chava also contains approximately 50% of your daily requirement for most essential vitamins and minerals.

3. It Nourishes Your Gut, Which Is Key For Overall Health

So many aspects of modern life can mess with gut health. Fortunately, honing in on the right foods and nutrients can go a long way in alleviating your GI woes and foster an overall healthy gut microbiome (which, in turn, can influence everything from metabolism to mental health). Research by the American Gut Project suggests that the main predictor of gut health is the number plant foods in someone’s diet—people eating more than 30 different types per week had a healthier gut microbiome than people eating fewer than 10.

The good news: Ka’Chava delivers fruits and veggies in spades, along with key nutrients such as probiotics and plenty of fiber to keep your microbiome balanced and digestion humming.

4. It Helps Control Your Cravings & Your Calories

When Ka’Chava was formulated, the goal was to maximize the calorie-to-satiety ratio by optimizing levels of protein (25 g), fiber (9 g), and healthy fats (7 g)—three key nutrients that help balance blood sugar and control hunger. Because of this, you may be less likely to overeat or gain weight, since it keeps you seriously full for just 240 calories per serving. Ka’Chava also contains probiotics, vitamin D, and magnesium, which support healthy metabolism.

5. It's Clean and Pure—No Fillers, No Nonsense

Unlike many mainstream meal shakes, Ka’Chava is incredibly high quality and free of preservatives, animal products, cheap filler ingredients, and artificial colors, sweeteners, and flavors. Each ingredient is selected with purpose—to support key health benefits and/or provide subtle natural flavor. Ka’Chava is also free of most major allergens (all except coconut) and other questionable ingredients that tend to aggravate the gut, including gluten, soy, and dairy.

If it doesn’t serve you, we don’t use it.

6. It's Surprisingly Delicious For Something This Healthy

For Ka’Chava, creating a healthy product was only half the job—making it delicious was just as important. Both Chocolate and Vanilla varieties taste like better-for-you milkshakes. Neither flavor is cloyingly sweet, nor do they leave a funky aftertaste in your mouth. That's because we prioritize quality, natural ingredients (like real vanilla bean extract, cocoa, and coconut nectar) and take customer feedback very seriously. It took a lot of trial and error—and about two years—to get Ka’Chava’s flavor just right!

7. It's One Of The Simplest Ways To Help Save Our Planet

Too often, animal farming contributes to clear-cutting of forests, methane pollution, and draining of our freshwater supply. But eating plant-based meals is one of the best and simplest ways that we, as individuals, can help heal the planet. You don’t even have to cut out all meat to make a difference—cutting out animal products for just one or two meals per day can significantly reduce your environmental impact. In fact, a recent study found that if people went vegan for 2 out of their 3 meals per day, we could cut food-related carbon emissions by 60%.

Ka’Chava also supports the Rainforest Trust, an organization that protects the world’s most threatened rainforests and endangered species. Over the past 30 years, they’ve saved over 30 million acres of rainforest.

8. It's Almost Too Easy (Just Add Water!)

For many of us, the biggest barrier to eating healthy consistently isn’t a lack of ambition—it’s a lack of time. But with Ka’Chava, you can have breakfast, lunch, or dinner in seconds, so you’re less tempted to order up a pizza or splurge on an overpriced smoothie. Anytime you’re too busy to shop, chop, cook, and clean, just combine 2 scoops of Ka’Chava with water (plus a few ice cubes for a smooth consistency), then mix or blend. To make easy even easier, you can subscribe and get Ka’Chava auto-delivered right to your door each month.

9. It's The Most Nutrient-Rich Bang For Your Buck

By removing the middlemen and only selling direct to consumers online, Ka’Chava is able to bring you so many premium, high-quality ingredients for only $3.99 per meal. And remember, Ka’Chava has everything you need all in one convenient package—an optimal balance of macronutrients, dozens of antioxidant-rich superfoods, probiotics, digestive enzymes, adaptogens, and more. Meaning: You don’t need to add anything but water to create a delicious, balanced meal. So considering how many other products you won’t need to buy once you start using Ka’Chava, the savings could even work out in your favor.

10. It's Got An Amazing No-Risk Guarantee

Buying a new food product online is often risky. After all, what if you hate it? That’s why Ka’Chava’s “Love-It Guarantee” is so great. Simply order a bag, try it out, and if you’re not satisfied for any reason, you can get a 100% refund—even if the bag is completely empty!

With less than 3% of bags returned, we’re confident you’ll love at least one of our great flavors.

If you made it to #10 you’re obviously serious about living a healthier lifestyle…