Camu Camu:
This Rare Fruit Has More Vitamin C Than Any Other On Earth

Disease-Fighting Camu Camu Berries Pack a Big Antioxidant Punch


More than acerola cherries. More than kiwis. Way more than oranges. Camu Camu berries have more vitamin C per 100 grams of fruit than any other fruit we know of.

They also sport a disease-fighting array of other nutrients, antioxidants, and amino acids that can help fend off some big name well-known diseases. But we’ll get to that in a bit. First, let’s talk about that vitamin C.

Camu Camu Berries: The King of Vitamin C


Little kids get told about how important orange juice is because of the vitamin C. They grow up seeing orange juice as the “vitamin C” drink, just like they see bananas as the “potassium food”. They’ll eventually make the leap to oranges and tangerines, especially if they’re taught that supplemental vitamin C isn’t quite as good as the naturally occurring kind.

Here are the numbers for vitamin C, per 100 grams of various fruits:

What does this mean for you? First, it means Camu Camu berries are sour. Face-meltingly sour. But oh, does your body love them. They also spoil fairly easily. This is why you’re unlikely to find them in their raw form on American store shelves. You’ll typically find Camu Camu berries as a powder supplement or in pill form. The powder can be added to other recipes like smoothies, oatmeal, and various desserts and snacks.

But here’s what else it means: You’ll get all the health benefits of daily vitamin C, and then some, with a small dose of Camu Camu berry. This is the primary reason – but not the only one – we included it as part of Ka’Chava’s antioxidant superfood blend.

Health Benefits of Vitamin C in Camu Camu Berries


Because your body can’t manufacture or store its own vitamin C, you have to replenish your supply every day if you want to keep benefitting from the many health benefits of the C vitamin, also known as ascorbic acid.

Here are a few of the big health benefits from the vitamin C found in great abundance in Camu Camu berries:


  • - Fights free radicals that cause cardiovascular disease
  • - Slows macular degeneration, staving off things like cataracts and glaucoma
  • - Slows progression of arthritis
  • - Improves cognitive function, warding off Alzheimer’s disease
  • - Lowers blood pressure
  • - Lowers cortisol, which affects how the body stores fat, making weight loss easier
  • - Boosts immune system to protect against various viruses and inflammation
  • - Detoxifies the body, improving liver health and function        
      • - Normalizes menstrual cycles for women


But remember – vitamin C is just one nutrient in camu camu berries. Vitamin C alone isn’t enough to qualify a fruit as a superfood. There’s a lot more to this Amazon-river grown cherry-sized berry than just the C vitamin.

A Smokin’ Study...

One study gave one group of smokers vitamin C supplements for a week, and gave another group of smokers Camu Camu berry juice. After a week, the group drinking the Camu Camu juice saw ‘reduced oxidative stress’ – meaning the antioxidants were having a measurable effect on their health. In just one week.

The group taking just the vitamin C supplements saw no changes in their antioxidant markers.

Kinda makes you wonder…. What else is in those Camu Camu berries?

So glad you asked.

Other Nutrient Prizes You Win from Camu Camu Berries


In addition to more vitamin C than your body knows what to do with, Camu Camu berries also have these nutrients and accompanying health benefits:

(Lutein, Beta-Carotene,


These nutrients help your eye and brain health.

An amino acid that prevents muscle breakdown and improves your nervous system and cognitive function.


Research has suggested that Camu Camu berries reduce plaque buildup in your brain, which is found in patients who suffer from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. And on the flip side, it has been shown to increase cognitive function in younger adults. Thing like focus, memory, and concentration. So it helps your brain work better while young, and keeps it working well as you age.


Another amino acid that aids in muscle and bone growth.

This makes Camu Camu berry powder a smart choice for a post-workout supplement, another primary reason we included it in Ka’Chava.


Yet another essential amino acid, this one helps break down protein and thus aids in digestion.

Camu Camu berries help maintain your gut bacteria, which keeps your metabolism humming and lowers your risk to diseases related to obesity such as Type 2 diabetes.


An antioxidant that has anti-viral and anti-fungal properties.


Another antioxidant that also has anti-diabetes properties.

Several studies have explored the health benefits of antioxidants such as these, including the ability to fight off toxins found in the environment that cause cancer.


Helps your heart and improves kidney function.


Camu Camu berries can hold their own against bananas as well with this essential nutrient.


Aids in bone health and promotes collagen production, which helps your body heal wounds faster.

This mineral also reduces the risk of diabetes. 100 grams of Camu Camu berries have over 100% of your daily manganese needs.


The Health Benefits Keep On Coming


Camu Camu berries do so much more than what you’ve already seen. Here’s a few more health benefits of Camu Camu berries:


  • Reduces inflammation – loaded with anti-inflammatories that also fight arthritis, gout, migraines
  • Fights cold sores and the common cold
  • Fights viruses like the flu, shingles, and even herpes
  • Relieves mood swings and anxiety, as well as depression
  • Lowers risk of infertility in men
  • Anti-genotoxic effects reduce DNA damage and related cancer-causing mutations
  • Combats asthma
  • Fights gum disease (gingivitis)
  • Protects against atherosclerosis – the hardening of arteries

Women wanting to be pregnant? Camu Camu’s got your back too, increasing progesterone production.


Why You May Not Have Heard of Camu Camu Berries?


Camu Camu berries have been eaten by Amazonian Indians for centuries. But they grow on the swampy banks of the Amazon River, and for a while you could only harvest them by canoe during the wet season. For most of their history, they’ve simply been handpicked at random by locals.

It wasn’t until the 1990s that they started becoming commercially available, and harvest continues to be a challenge.

Bottom line – we know how healthy they are, but they remain rare because they’re just hard to get.


Your Best Source for Camu Camu Berries


The powder form has proven the most durable and easily adaptable form of Camu Camu. We included Camu Camu in Ka’Chava for its splendor of health benefits, as you’ve seen.

Camu Camu plays a leading role as one of nine antioxidant super-fruits in Ka’Chava, alongside Coconut Flower Nectar, Acai, Maqui, Strawberry, Tart Cherry, Blackberry, Blueberry, and Raspberry.

Put all these super-fruits together, and you’ll be blasting your body with health-empowering, disease-fighting nutrients from all sides.


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